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What if you can't pay on time?

As members of the credit industry, we're here to help. We understand your situation and know there are many legitimate reasons why people experience financial difficulty. In fact - as individuals, many of us have also run into similar situations.

For example, you may have experienced a period of illness, unemployment, a new baby, a death in the family, or you may have even taken on the added burden of educational expenses.

We also know that when people, such as yourself, incur a debt, you have every intention of paying it. But circumstances do change. That's why we'd like to work with you. Together, we can develop a way for you to meet your obligations.

And here's something else to consider... when you're having financial difficulties, its wise to take action as quickly as you can. Contact your creditors as soon as you realize you cannot meet your obligations. By contacting them quickly, you show that you're concerned about the situation and have an honest intention to repay your debt.

When you contact your creditor, they will work with you to find a way to repay your debt. If you have debt with more than one creditor, contact a credit counseling service. Credit counselors are professionals who can help reorganize your personal finances with all your creditors so you can pay improve your financial health.

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