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Credit counseling organizations listed in our directory certify that they are licensed to do business in States that require such license.
CCCS of Central Valley, Inc.559-454-1800
CCCS of East Bay888-788-8528
CCCS of Inland Empire800-947-3752
CCCS of Kern & Tulare Counties661)324-9628
CCCS of Los Angeles800-750-2227
CCCS of Mid-Counties209-956-1180
CCCS of Orange County, Inc.714-547-2227
CCCS of Sacramento, Inc.800-736-2227
CCCS of San Diego & Imperial Counties800-432-7310
CCCS of San Francisco415-788-0288
CCCS of Santa Clara Valley, Inc.800-969-7526
CCCS of the North Coast800-762-1811
CCCS of Ventura County, Inc.800-540-2227
CCCS, Twin Cities530-674-9729
Consumer Credit Consultants, Inc.562-940-0094
Debt Education and Counseling Services, Inc.888-565-7411
Garden State Consumer Credit Counseling800-992-4557