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Credit Counselors
Credit counseling organizations listed in our directory certify that they are licensed to do business in States that require such license.

Budget & Credit Solutions, Inc.512-451-9443
CCCS of Austin
Division of Lifeworks
CCCS of Greater Dallas, Inc.800-783-5018
CCCS of Greater Fort Worth800-374-2227
CCCS of Greater San Antonio, Inc.210-979-4300
CCCS of North Central Texas, Inc.800-856-0257
CCCS of South Texas800-333-4357
CCCS of the Gulf Coast Area, Inc.800-731-1453
CCCS of the YWCA/Paso Del Norte Region915-533-7502
Credit Counseling Centers of America800-493-2222
Garden State Consumer Credit Counseling800-992-4557